Dia de los Butterflies

“Here are letters, all yours (already on the folds their traces of jerky pencil are fading). By day, folded up, they sleep, amid dry flowers, in my fragrant drawer, but at night they fly out, semitransparent and weak, they glide and flutter over me, like butterflies: one I may catch in my fingers, and at the night blue I look through it, and in it the stars shine through.” -Vladimir Nabokov, 1923 Translated from the Russian by Brian Boyd... Read More

In The Flowers

There’s no doubt that Christopher Kane likes to push our buttons. I love a designer who plays with contradictions, and Kane has become a master of archly walking the line between high art and cheap thrills. Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2010, after Klimt's 'Farm Garden' Like Vladimir Nabokov, whose notorious┬áLolita Kane tapped as inspiration for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, the up-and-coming London designer seems to have an... Read More