NYFW SS13: Rodarte’s Throne Game

The big story, of course, is that Rodarte brought out our inner fantasy/sci-fi fangirl this week for its Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Among those of us for whom Game of Thrones is always only a couple of conversation points away, it took just a few looks to get the wheels spinning. And then when Look 13 dropped with its pair of red wings, we gasped with recognition. “I knew it!” we exclaimed. “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?” Rodarte,... Read More

Inkbramble’s Top Ten NYFW #3: Rodarte

Like the prairie itself, the Mulleavy sisters’ new collection for F/W 2011 spread out in an endless expanse of horizon and sky. A golden aura commanded the runway as if the clothing were made of light itself, captured in that golden hour of the day when the sun is either rising or setting. The collection also conveyed that adventurous, hardy pioneer spirit that lives in the mythos of the American Great Plains, and an accompanying hint of the... Read More