Hunt and Peck

It’s no secret that Mary Katrantzou is a big favorite here at Inkbramble. Over the past few seasons, I’ve compulsively illustrated the experimental young print master’s collections as soon as they hit the runways. (Take a look back at “Fishbowl” and “The Surreal World of Mary Katrantzou.”) The reason for this compulsion is not just the vivid prints – though the eyepopping imagery fairly leaps off the... Read More


Ohh, Mary…that woman just keeps on bringing it! Mary Katrantzou trotted out another winner collection for Spring 2012, rife with both the extravagant bloom of nature and the rampant excesses of humans. Her most interesting pieces located the point where the two meet to perform a weirdly unsettling dance – such as the below dress, wherein tin cans swoop in to mar a florid waterscape of brightly colored tropical fish and coral. Mary Katrantzou,... Read More

The Surreal World of Mary Katrantzou

Every fashion season, legions of editors and aesthetes converge online and at the shows to witness the turning of the fashion tides. Admittedly, the returns on this investment of time can be less than thrilling on occasion: Shocking! Last season it was the 50s, now it’s the 70s! Would you just look at all those wide-legged trousers! or Goodness me, can you believe the amount of orange around here? or Who would ever have thought of doing... Read More