Resort 15: The Row’s Elegant Rock Goddess

Though I’m enamored of nearly every collection that The Row creates, it can be difficult to find pieces to illustrate. The clothes are refined, perfect, beautiful…but usually quite subtle and understated. They are not necessarily designed for editorial – they are designed to be worn, in an oh-so-chic, luxurious, and comfortable manner, by those lucky enough to afford them. But Resort ’15 provided a unique opportunity to snatch... Read More

Lanvin in Oz

I was recently visiting my dear friend Jessea and she showed me her newest antiquarian treasure trove: a collection of early and first edition Oz books, with the original illustrations by John R. Neill. So transfixed was I as I breathed in that old book smell and pored over the poignant ink drawings of the Patchwork Girl and Polychrome, the daughter of the rainbow. Dress, Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010; nail polish, Chanel Nouvelle Vague Neill is one of... Read More