FW14: Peter Pilotto’s Mountain Majesty

Peter Pilotto‘s Christopher de Vos and Peter Pilotto produced another swoon-worthy collection to salivate over for F/W 14. Overt themes included mountains, geometric colorblocking, balaclavaesque turtlenecks, and bejeweled separates. To me the models looked like a mountain-dwelling, gemstone mining, sacred geometry-observing subspecies. Peter Pilotto’s collections never seem to falter when it comes to richness of color, texture, and design.... Read More

Red Valentino’s Gingerbread Cottage

“About noon they saw a pretty sn0w-white bird sitting on a bough, and singing so sweetly that they stopped to listen. And when he had finished the bird spread his wings and flew before them, and they followed after him until they came to a little house, and the bird perched on the roof, and when they came nearer they saw that the house was built of bread, and roofed with cakes; and the window was of transparent sugar.” Grimm’s Household... Read More

Inkbramble for Spindle Magazine

Naomi Alessandra/Inkbramble illustrated typography for Spindle Magazine Issue 6 Spindle Magazine asked us to create some illustrated typography to accompany an editorial shoot for Issue 6. We used the models’ plaited hair as the inspiration for this title treatment of the word Muted, and placed the braided title in a bed of blue roses. Issue 6 was published in late December.  Read More

Redefining Dior

Raf Simons trumped expectations in his debut Dior collection for Fall 2012 Couture, sending out a masterful wardrobe full of precise tailoring and rife with Dior’s signature New Look-inspired shapes. Editors around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief which quickly turned to oohs and aahs as Simons ensured that Dior would not only maintain its relevance post-Galliano, but would resolutely declare its superiority. The most delectable... Read More

We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So!

Wolf headdress and socks by Topshop Unique, shirts and leggings by Helmut Lang This was originally published in May of 2010. We are posting again today to honor the life of Maurice Sendak, who gave so much joy to children of all ages for so many years. Wild things ran rampant on the Fall/Winter 2010 runways, gnashing their terrible teeth and showing their terrible claws.  Wolves in particular made a striking appearance at Helmut Lang in New York... Read More

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