Stardust and Stuff

It’s hard to miss the stunning galactic imagery that has flooded fashion the for the past few seasons. 2010’s 20th anniversary of the Hubble telescope’s journey has inspired countless designers to take a tumble through space, concocting a variety of collections splashed with the gorgeous nebulae images brought to us by Hubble. The galactic bug that bit Peter Pilotto for his F/W 2008 collection andĀ  Risto Bimbiloski for his 2009... Read More

Dia de los Butterflies

“Here are letters, all yours (already on the folds their traces of jerky pencil are fading). By day, folded up, they sleep, amid dry flowers, in my fragrant drawer, but at night they fly out, semitransparent and weak, they glide and flutter over me, like butterflies: one I may catch in my fingers, and at the night blue I look through it, and in it the stars shine through.” -Vladimir Nabokov, 1923 Translated from the Russian by Brian Boyd... Read More

Prim & Improper

For about half of my life, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a button-down collared shirt. That item simply didn’t go with the many hats that I tried on in my teens and early twenties. Why, I wondered, would anyone purposely adorn herself in such a bland uniform, so lacking in originality and excitement, so completely devoid of sensual appeal? It allowed no hint of shape, no intimation of cleavage, no revelation of back arch nor glimpse... Read More

Self Portrait in Pucci

Dress and scarf, Pucci (customized by Naomi Alessandra); sweater, H&M At the risk of my family making fun of me for my proclivity toward self portraiture and other such vanities, I just had to record this particular ensemble. A few years ago, while visiting my ex’s family in Philadelphia, my son’s grandmother (and my dear friend) Marie Christine presented me with an unexpected and enthralling gift–a classic Pucci dress that had... Read More

Feline Grace

Clawing at the coattails of Fall 2010’s obsession with all things feral came another contingent of wild felines for Resort 2011. This year leopard, cheetah and jaguar have made themselves at home not only with Dolce and Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, where they are familiar and loyal pets, but also at Dries Van Noten, Givenchy, and Haider Ackermann, where such spottingsĀ  are somewhat less frequent. So why this continuing preoccupation with... Read More

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