Redefining Dior

Raf Simons trumped expectations in his debut Dior collection for Fall 2012 Couture, sending out a masterful wardrobe full of precise tailoring and rife with Dior’s signature New Look-inspired shapes. Editors around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief which quickly turned to oohs and aahs as Simons ensured that Dior would not only maintain its relevance post-Galliano, but would resolutely declare its superiority. The most delectable... Read More

Palme d’Or

Tropical flora has long been a recurring motif in Spring/Summer and Resort apparel collections, though it’s certainly had its moments of being cracked down on by the fashion police. (The Hawaiian shirt, after all – especially when worn in concert with a big camera, big belly and big mouth – has become synonymous with the obnoxious American tourist abroad.) And yet tropical prints do suggest the heaven on earth that awaits us as we... Read More

Just Another Art Show

What fun! My work is being shown at the gallery Warehouse 416 in downtown Oakland from May 6th – May 22nd. I’m honored to share the space with two other artists and am excited to show some of my artwork in the real world rather than just through this digital medium, wonderful as it is. On the first Friday evening of each month, downtown Oakland’s galleries open their doors to host the Art Murmur, an art walk and social event for... Read More

Inkbramble’s Top Ten NYFW #3: Rodarte

Like the prairie itself, the Mulleavy sisters’ new collection for F/W 2011 spread out in an endless expanse of horizon and sky. A golden aura commanded the runway as if the clothing were made of light itself, captured in that golden hour of the day when the sun is either rising or setting. The collection also conveyed that adventurous, hardy pioneer spirit that lives in the mythos of the American Great Plains, and an accompanying hint of the... Read More

Inkbramble’s Top Ten NYFW #4: Marc Jacobs

As a twelve year old girl, I recorded in my diary a future vision of myself. I was in my late twenties or early thirties, a Highly Professional Woman indeed – a magazine or book editor, perhaps. I was installed in a light-filled office in what could only have been a New York high-rise. I was talking on the phone, taking notes, highlighting manuscripts, doing all the things that an editor might have done before she had a computer to park herself... Read More

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