Dia de los Butterflies

“Here are letters, all yours (already on the folds their traces of jerky pencil are fading). By day, folded up, they sleep, amid dry flowers, in my fragrant drawer, but at night they fly out, semitransparent and weak, they glide and flutter over me, like butterflies: one I may catch in my fingers, and at the night blue I look through it, and in it the stars shine through.” -Vladimir Nabokov, 1923 Translated from the Russian by Brian Boyd... Read More


Illustration for Dazed Digital’s competition ‘Decade Drawn Out,’ in which illustrators were asked to recreate one of the covers from the past 10 years of Dazed & Confused Magazine in their own style.  Original cover image featured Maggie Rizer & other models, sparkly but spent, in a sort of bedraggled love puddle.  I wanted to convey, through color and style, the sweet lightness of that moment when debaucherous revelry... Read More