Florals? Check. Checks? Check.

Preen has been striking my fancy big time over the course of the past few seasons. I’ve long admired their ability to merge edgy concepts with increasingly ladylike sophistication, but they really started to speak to me when they began playing more with prints and color over the past few years. Along with many other […]

jpg de young_FI

Gaultier In San Francisco

Perhaps I’m a bit off my nut, but there’s just something about going to a museum all by my lonesome. It’s as if everything there was crafted just for me, as if the work traveled through its artist vessel just so that my eyes could feast upon it. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: […]


Mad World

The long wait is over for Season 5…and we’ve officially entered the late 60s with the women and men of Mad Men. Op art now graces the walls of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce where Rothko’s abstract impressionist multiforms once hung. Mary Quant has begun to work her hemline-shrinking magic on forward-thinking birds like Megan, Don’s […]


Mode d’Erté

Before I delve into F/W 12-13, I had to get this Erté-inspired illustration of Givenchy couture (hold the bull nose ring) out the door . What with all of the Gatsby-inspired frocks fluttering about for spring, a little reference to the Art Deco illustration master seemed entirely appropriate…  

Checkered Fishbowl_FI


Ohh, Mary…that woman just keeps on bringing it! Mary Katrantzou trotted out another winner collection for Spring 2012, rife with both the extravagant bloom of nature and the rampant excesses of humans. Her most interesting pieces located the point where the two meet to perform a weirdly unsettling dance – such as the below dress, […]


Les Mannequins de 2011

Let it be said that I’m an aesthete with an activist’s heart. Or maybe it’s the other way ’round; I’m not sure. It can be a puzzle, navigating the world of fashion while in possession of such an internal schism. A plethora of challenges await the fashion devotee-with-a-conscience: the sustainability/ethical sourcing of materials, the conditions […]


Style Like Who? U, Of Course.

A while ago I was asked by the endlessly inspiring website StyleLikeU to illustrate seven of the many incredible muses featured on their site. StyleLikeU provides a The Selby-esque view into unique and stylish people’s private spaces and wardrobes. They’ve gotten into the closets and heads of such intriguing personalities as singer Lana Turner; model […]

Gurung SS12_FI


Manifesto to Nobuyoshi Araki terrorist of emotion rescuing people from luxuries of goodness and reason self righteous ones! life is chaos as it should be stop pretending like there’s such thing as safety and stability they don’t exist set the bomb, set the explosion set it in a way that can’t be predicted shock is […]

Anahata rainbow 2_FI

Anahata the Brave

I recently had the opportunity to hang with the talented, gorgeously quirky and boundlessly energized musician Anahata LaBaw, known musically by the monikers Anahata Sound and, more recently, Hopscotch. We met at the Berkeley Rose Garden in the dusky magic hour, and Anahata caught me up on her new projects and inspirations. Hi Anahata. So […]


Palme d’Or

Tropical flora has long been a recurring motif in Spring/Summer and Resort apparel collections, though it’s certainly had its moments of being cracked down on by the fashion police. (The Hawaiian shirt, after all – especially when worn in concert with a big camera, big belly and big mouth – has become synonymous with the […]

givenchy 11 couture_FI

Pearl’s Dream

Riccardo Tisci, Radical Perfectionist, brings on paradise for F/W Haute Couture 2011.


You Can Holler You Can Wail

The Kills are like the Wuthering Heights of modern punk-inspired rock, a turbulent, page-turning, gothic romance.

Irene 1_FI

Irene in Wonderland

One sunny day earlier this Spring, I stopped by to visit Irene Hernandez-Feiks in her shop, Wonderland SF. We played dress-up and had a little chat about her business, the San Francisco art and fashion worlds, and what the future holds.


Mad as a Hatter

Nobody does millinery like the Brits, and the Royal Wedding proved that axiom once and for all.


Just Another Art Show

My illustrations are being shown at the gallery Warehouse 416 in downtown Oakland from May 6th – May 22nd, with an opening reception during the Art Murmur on May 6th. Come murmur with me!