Gaultier In San Francisco

jpg de young_FI

Perhaps I’m a bit off my nut, but there’s just something about going to a museum all by my lonesome. It’s as if everything there was crafted just for me, as if the work traveled through its artist vessel just so that my eyes could feast upon it. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the de Young Museum in San Francisco was... Read More


gold blot_FI

If you don’t blot that gold paint pen every so often, the thing’s liable to explode on you. Gold Blot, November 2011    Read More

Mad as a Hatter


Last week’s Royal Wedding came and went in a flurry of vivid Anglomania and Disneyesque fairy tale romance. I can’t say I was completely immune, though the majority of the spectacle was hardly to my particular taste. If nothing else, cultural curiosity took over, inviting an anthropological examination of the entire phenomenon. You know the fact that Catherine Middleton... Read More

Crayons Before We Dine

crayon sketch_FI

My boy Zoran and I like to draw while we’re waiting for our food at restaurants. Usually we come up with pretty different things. He tends more toward the monsters, the dragons, the weapon-riddled Star Wars clones. I, on the other hand…well…you know. Pretty girls in pretty dresses. Spring polka dots and diamonds in crayon, 2011 One night as awaited our Tikka... Read More

Studies of Nathan Moore, September 2010


Ink studies of Nathan Moore, September 2010  Read More