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Effie Trinket Vs. Inkvixen

McQ_Catching Fire_WWIB2

It’s a fashion showdown! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters today, and if the trailers for the second installment of the trilogy are any indication, the costume design, by Trish Summerville, looks pretty off the hook. Clothing all of Panem is no mean feat. If Elizabeth Banks’ Effie... Read More

Mad World


The long wait is over for Season 5…and we’ve officially entered the late 60s with the women and men of Mad Men. Op art now graces the walls of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce where Rothko’s abstract impressionist multiforms once hung. Mary Quant has begun to work her hemline-shrinking... Read More



Each year for the past three years, I have found myself compelled to partake in the second job joy of costuming my amazing boy Zoran’s school play. This year, in which my little man is playing the lead role of Odysseus in The Odyssey, was no different. Next year he’ll be off in middle school... Read More

Style Like Who? U, Of Course.


A while ago I was asked by the endlessly inspiring website StyleLikeU to illustrate seven of the many incredible muses featured on their site. StyleLikeU provides a The Selby-esque view into unique and stylish people’s private spaces and wardrobes. They’ve gotten into the closets and heads... Read More

Designing for The Wiz

Wiz_group 2_FI

As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, I have a weakness for all things Oz-related. However, that over-the-rainbow mania had never extended to The Wiz, the 1970s “Super Soul Musical” that ran long and hard on Broadway to great accolades and sparked a film version with Diana Ross and... Read More