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Irene in Wonderland

Irene 1_FI

Tonight Chillin’ Productions continues to celebrate local artists, fashion designers and musicians with another talent-packed, stellar event at Mezzanine in San Francisco. Tonight’s event marks thirteen years of commitment to Bay Area talent on the part of Irene Hernandez-Feiks, producer... Read More

Just Another Art Show


What fun! My work is being shown at the gallery Warehouse 416 in downtown Oakland from May 6th – May 22nd. I’m honored to share the space with two other artists and am excited to show some of my artwork in the real world rather than just through this digital medium, wonderful as it is. On... Read More

The Surreal World of Mary Katrantzou


Every fashion season, legions of editors and aesthetes converge online and at the shows to witness the turning of the fashion tides. Admittedly, the returns on this investment of time can be less than thrilling on occasion: Shocking! Last season it was the 50s, now it’s the 70s! Would... Read More

Dia de los Butterflies

butterfly 1b_thumb

“Here are letters, all yours (already on the folds their traces of jerky pencil are fading). By day, folded up, they sleep, amid dry flowers, in my fragrant drawer, but at night they fly out, semitransparent and weak, they glide and flutter over me, like butterflies: one I may catch in my fingers,... Read More

Portrait of Rebecca


A quick watercolor sketch of an exquisitely talented friend and ally — distinctive photographer, fabulous mother, and fellow-traveler on the endless search for artistic inspiration. Rebecca Teague, June 2010  Read More