Muse of the Moment

Placket Racket: A Selfie Series

Placket Racket_FI

As I skimmed the Spring 2014 Ready to Wear collections for gems, pinning like a madwoman, I marveled at at the sheer number of sheer numbers – that is, completely transparent blouses, dresses, pants, skirts – that fistfuls of designers trotted out. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a season with more model nipples. I had just finished Super Sad True Love Story... Read More

SF Giants: The Freaks Take All


Nope, it’s not exactly a fashion post, and I must admit that I’m fairly sidetracked from my standard sartorial sketching at the moment due to the other pressing concerns: the presidential election, Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, and the 2012 World Series. Paint Obama or make my costume? Sell paintings of New York underwater and donate proceeds to the Red Cross, or go to... Read More

Anahata the Brave

Anahata rainbow 2_FI

I recently had the opportunity to hang with the talented, gorgeously quirky and boundlessly energized musician Anahata LaBaw, known musically by the monikers Anahata Sound and, more recently, Hopscotch. We met at the Berkeley Rose Garden in the dusky magic hour, and Anahata caught me up on her new projects and inspirations. Anahata in the Berkeley Rose Garden I Hi Anahata. So I... Read More

You Can Holler You Can Wail


The Kills came to the Fillmore SF in May, and Rebecca and I just couldn’t miss witnessing “VV” (Alison Mosshart) and “Hotel” (Jamie Hince) rip it to shreds for their sold-out audience. The Kills’ recently released album, Blood Pressures, had gotten under my skin just as had their previous album, Midnight Boom, even as it represented a bit... Read More

Konichiwa Robyn!


I’ve developed a mad crush on the saucy Swedish electro-Europop star Robyn, whose tracks are regularly inspiring spontaneous one-woman dance parties across the floor of my living room–and presumably, in living rooms across the world. Robyn’s got this vibrant talent and a drive that just won’t quit. She also possesses this sweetly peculiar elfin appearance... Read More