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La Gamine

Pixie Color_FI

Drawing on Audrey Hepburn’s classic charms with the requisite smattering of androgynous sex appeal, this doe-eyed clothes-less cutie was recently developed for a client. A different direction was chosen for the product packaging, so I just had to let this pixie fly on her own. I feel a bit naughty... Read More

Les Mannequins de 2011


Let it be said that I’m an aesthete with an activist’s heart. Or maybe it’s the other way ’round; I’m not sure. It can be a puzzle, navigating the world of fashion while in possession of such an internal schism. A plethora of challenges await the fashion devotee-with-a-conscience:... Read More

Style Like Who? U, Of Course.


A while ago I was asked by the endlessly inspiring website StyleLikeU to illustrate seven of the many incredible muses featured on their site. StyleLikeU provides a The Selby-esque view into unique and stylish people’s private spaces and wardrobes. They’ve gotten into the closets and heads... Read More

Irene in Wonderland

Irene 1_FI

Tonight Chillin’ Productions continues to celebrate local artists, fashion designers and musicians with another talent-packed, stellar event at Mezzanine in San Francisco. Tonight’s event marks thirteen years of commitment to Bay Area talent on the part of Irene Hernandez-Feiks, producer... Read More

Mad as a Hatter


Last week’s Royal Wedding came and went in a flurry of vivid Anglomania and Disneyesque fairy tale romance. I can’t say I was completely immune, though the majority of the spectacle was hardly to my particular taste. If nothing else, cultural curiosity took over, inviting an anthropological... Read More