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Introducing Glamsketch: A Sneak Preview


  Glamsketch sneak preview Those of you who are diehard Inkbramble fans (if so, I love you) are probably quite disappointed in me – it has been aeons since my last post. Any number of excuses could be named for such shenanigans, but I’ll blame just one: Glamsketch. “What’s... Read More

Urban Air Market, Part Two


As the day stretched on at the Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley, the parade of style continued and the paint was flying. And as people began to catch on to the fact that I wanted to illustrate San Francisco’s finest fashionistas, they began to drag over their most fashion-forward friends to pose... Read More

Urban Air Market, Part One


Last weekend I packed up my paints and headed to Hayes Valley for San Francisco’s own Urban Air Market, a mecca of creative local and sustainable design that transpires twice each year under the curatorial eye of the lovely Ms. Danielle Cohen. I knew I’d find some irresistibly stylish inkvixens... Read More

Met Ball 2: Marion Cotillard in Dior


Here’s another favorite from the Met Ball – Marion Cotillard in SS Couture Dior. Not pointing any fingers (ahem Beyonce and Givenchy), but this was by far the most stunning sheer black and deep purple look of the evening. Marion Cotillard in Dior  Read More

Met Ball 1: Carey Mulligan In Prada


“Schiaparelli was thirty-seven and Prada was thirty-nine when they delivered their first collections. But experience of the real world, which was a man’s world for both of them, made them intolerant of female passivity and desperation. They don’t really care what makes a woman desirable... Read More