INKBRAMBLE is an illustrated magazine of fresh culture encompassing current fashion & style, art, literature, music, film, performance and a variety of other catalysts. We concentrate on the visual depiction of compelling characters and directional artistic movements while exploring the context of these collective moods, trends and crushes.

At the editorial helm is illustrator, writer and culture habitué Naomi Alessandra Schultz, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her son Zoran and their bunny, Bunny. An independent illustrator and writer with over ten years of professional experience in fashion design and illustration, children’s media, sequential art & writing, character development and video game concept illustration, Naomi created INKBRAMBLE in order to blow an inspired kiss to the world.

INKBRAMBLE welcomes submissions from other writers and illustrators, as well as ideas for collaboration from designers, photographers, performers, filmmakers, musicians, event producers and so forth.

We also welcome illustration commissions and enquiries.

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