Effie Trinket Vs. Inkvixen

It’s a fashion showdown!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters today, and if the trailers for the second installment of the trilogy are any indication, the costume design, by Trish Summerville, looks pretty off the hook. Clothing all of Panem is no mean feat.

If Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket has her way, we are in for quite the Alexander McQueen-laden affair. Trinket, of the oft-changing hair color and superficial demeanor, takes her sartorial choices very seriously indeed, and McQueen is her label of choice. And why wouldn’t it be? McQueen’s exuberant designs perfectly exemplify the OTT style of the Capitol.

But! We have a little game of who wore it best? here, folks. Because long before Effie Trinket adorned herself in McQueen’s breathtaking butterflies or heavenly flowers…Inkvixen wore it first, right here on Inkbramble!

 McQ_Catching Fire_WWIB2

Yep, back in 2010, Inkvixen donned this unbelievable monarch butterfly-inspired dress for Inkbramble’s “Dia de los Butterflies” series, which featured Sarah Burton’s first ready to wear collection for McQueen after taking the reins following Lee McQueen’s death.

McQ_Catching Fire_WWIB1

And then in 2012, Inkvixen changed up her hair color (she and Effie do have so much in common!) and dressed up in this frothy number for our feature “McQueen’s Garden of Live Flowers.”

So what do you think, Inkbramblers? Who wore it best?

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