Placket Racket: A Selfie Series

As I skimmed the Spring 2014 Ready to Wear collections for gems, pinning like a madwoman, I marveled at at the sheer number of sheer numbers – that is, completely transparent blouses, dresses, pants, skirts – that fistfuls of designers trotted out. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a season with more model nipples. I had just finished Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart, and dystopic visions of sheer Onionskin jeans were dancing lustily through my head.

Now my darlings, do show some decorum and make sure that you button your utterly see-through blouses (worn without undergarments, bien sûr!) all the way to the collar, you hear? You wouldn’t want to seem unladylike, now would you?

What really interested me, however, were the collars and plackets that held these sweet nothings together – the skeletons of the clothing to which the pellucid fabrics desperately clung. And these structural elements seemed to hold particular interest with the designers as well, for any number of blouses and shirtdresses  showcased collars and button plackets that contrasted mightily with the rest of the garment, transparent or no. Normally, these elements would just blend right in with the rest in proper businesslike fashion, but these plackets showed up in different print, color, and opacity from the rest of the outfit.

I mentioned in my Prim and Improper post a couple of years ago that I was increasingly falling under the spell of the classic button-down shirt, which previously had turned me off with its air of professional mainstreamdom. I’ve come to love it more and more over the past few years, and find myself regularly adding to my collection. So then whom did I cast as the starring model in my Placket Racket series? That’s right, Inkbramblers – it’s me, the original Inkvixen. Every so often – especially in times of transition – I come back to the self portrait as a way to reacquaint myself with myself. Aaaand I’m diligently practicing my portraiture for the soon-to-open-its-virtual-doors Glamsketch, which you should all be vigilantly stalking ’til it’s up and running – and then you should stalk it some more.

And thusly, I found myself inking these 3″ x 3″ selfies, turning myself into my own little Miniglam paperdoll clothed in the best of creatively collared and placketed for Spring 2014. Enjoy!




Christopher Kane


Antonio Berardi




Costume National


Nina Ricci




Fausto Puglisi


Jonathan Saunders


Peter Pilotto


Emanuel Ungaro














5 Responses to “Placket Racket: A Selfie Series”
  1. Jordan says:

    So stunning, Miss! Love the blouses, the portraits and of course, your lovely likeness! Definitely obsessed with button-up numbers myself these days. xo

  2. Carol says:

    Everything old is new again! I love your selfies, and I think you nailed yourself in three of them! I see your grandmother in one of them, too! I have a lot of fun following your blog. Wish we were closer…. I really am too old to follow fashion these days, and in fact, never really did! Mylie Cyrus leads the downward spiral of teen clothing and modesty, and the future is getting murky! When we go out, we don’t see many people dressing up for the theater, restaurants, parties, or even work anymore! Maybe it’s different out in the Northwest. This generation has def. left fashion in a pile of dust. Nike shirts and pajama bottoms are what they wear to school or shopping! Keep up the great effort, Naomi. We can dream…..

  3. karen Reddin says:

    I like the elegance of a a blouse buttoned to the neck. Very pretty!

  4. pdub says:

    These look great! The Chloe one really captures you.

  5. Naomi says:

    Thanks loves! Fun to do a self portrait series – haven’t done that in a while. :)

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