Proportion, Print, Puff: Peter Pilotto F/W13

London brand Peter Pilotto‘s star just keeps rising higher and higher. Pilotto and partner Christopher De Vos were at the vanguard of the digital print revolution that has cut a huge swath through the fashion landscape over the past 4 years, withstanding with panache the sober onslaught of the minimalists.


Peter Pilotto, Fall/Winter 2013

For Fall/Winter 2013, Peter Pilotto thumbed its nose at those who have wryly begun to question the wisdom of relying on frenetic, OTT prints each season, and turned up the volume once more. And I mean literally turned up the volume, as a series of fresh-faced girls graced the runway with mannish-proportioned shoulders, some extending a full three inches beyond the natural shoulder.

These El Greco-inspired, boldly colored exercises in matadoresque embroidered flourish and boxy structure provided a powerful editorial vision that will be photographed like crazy in the coming months, and will no doubt be paraded by the fashionistas in the autumn.

Meanwhile, the masses will continue to adore Pilotto’s crazymaking, colorful, kaleidoscopic prints, especially on the series of trendy funnel-necked puffer jackets trotted out mid-show and led by the ubiquitous Cara Delevigne. My boyfriend brings out my sporting mood, and as I lent my discerning eye recently to his search for the best Patagonia puffer, I was tempted to go all sporty spice and invest in an apple-green version for myself. But much as I love the practical appeal and rugged handsomeness of him in Patagonia, I’ll happily hold out for the manic Pilotto version for me, thank you. :)

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  1. Jen Stone says:

    Pilotto presents saturated color and interestingly placed pattern on either odd cuts or very bold ones. I’m very intrigued by digital print trends at the moment.. keep it coming!

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