Inkbramble/Pitzeria for Elléments Magazine


Inkbramble/Pitzeria collaboration featured in Elléments Magazine, November 2012

Fantastic fashion photographer Svenja Pitz (Pitzeria) reached out to me this past year from her base in Hamburg, Germany, and we began a long distance photo/illustration collaboration that led to some interesting results. Svenja’s work has appeared in numerous glossies like German Glamour, Photographie, and Superior Magazine. Working with Svenja was so lovely, and we’re planning a new collab soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Recently Elléments Magazine picked up our collaborative editorial for their November 2012 issue. Below are two of the full illustrated images that appear in Elléments. You can buy the print magazine here.



Inkbramble/Pitzeria Collaboration I


Inkbramble/Pitzeria collaboration II

Model: Anabell Oeynhausen
Photography: Svenja Pitz
Illustration: Naomi Alessandra
hair&make-up: Nadine Tesch

3 Responses to “Inkbramble/Pitzeria for Elléments Magazine”
  1. Jen Stone says:

    Fantastic! Wonderful collaborative effort, producing distinct results.

  2. pdub says:

    I like it. I love the pen lines with the photo textures. I feel confused trying to figure out everything that’s in here..

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