SF Giants: The Freaks Take All


Nope, it’s not exactly a fashion post, and I must admit that I’m fairly sidetracked from my standard sartorial sketching at the moment due to the other pressing concerns: the presidential election, Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, and the 2012 World Series. Paint Obama or make my costume? Sell paintings of New York underwater and donate proceeds to the Red Cross, or go to the Giants World Series Parade in downtown San Francisco?

It’s enough to blow a multitasker’s mind. And thus, I present my first attempt at exorcising these sport/political/natural disaster/holiday demons: gorgeous Sergio Romo, closing pitcher for the 2012 WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, readying for his winning pitch.

I’ve not always been a baseball fan, it’s true. But about 6 years ago, the fates conspired to turn this art-and-lit saturated mind to the competitive joys of America’s national pastime. First, my son started playing tee ball, each year moving up through the ranks of the well-established little league system. After a couple of years of this, I couldn’t deny the excitement and camaraderie that was attendant at each game. These moments in the bleachers proved to offer rare stretches of downtime where my normal penchant for productivity was simply impossible. Instead, I was forced to simply kick back and enjoy the game (or nail-bite nervously and ask rookie questions about the circumstances under which bases could be stolen).

And then, about 4 years ago, I visited AT&T Park in San Francisco and saw the Giants play for the first time. Never having been to a major league baseball game before, I admit that I kind of just assumed that the stands would be dirty and smelly, the fans would be annoying and drunk, and that I’d be inundated with repellent advertising and sponsorship.

The truth is that AT&T Park is a freakin’ jewel, my friends. That ballpark just shines like a new penny, and it took my breath away.

And then there were the players. Over the past few years, I’ve been enamored with many of them, from Timmy and Zito to Buster and Brian Wilson. And of course, another beard, Sergio Romo, caught all of our eyes this season with his playful goofiness, his striped socks and beard, and his super solid closing arm, which he used to great effect in sweeping up the Tigers in the 4th game of the World Series in Detroit on Sunday.

Like the other Giants we love so much, Romo is a freak. He’s not afraid to make strong statements (like the shirt he wore to the victory parade today that proclaimed “I just look illegal”); he’s not concerned about appearing normal. Like many of his teammates, he’s just a bit eccentric – that is, not the standard picture of the professional athlete.

And this is just one more reason why San Francisco loves its Giants so very much. They so accurately represent this city’s unique, irrepressible flavor, our road less traveled. And we are¬†just beside ourselves when our kind of oddball talent wins the prize, as the Giants did for us this week.



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    Phooey. Your father’s moustache!

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