Urban Air Market, Part Two

As the day stretched on at the Urban Air Market in Hayes Valley, the parade of style continued and the paint was flying. And as people began to catch on to the fact that I wanted to illustrate San Francisco’s finest fashionistas, they began to drag over their most fashion-forward friends to pose for me.


Kristin and Haley, complete with playa dust

Kristin and Haley, freshly powdered with playa dust from Burning Man, graciously struck a pose in their eclectic steampunk finery.


Broke-Ass Stuart

Broke-Ass Stuart gamely grinned while I captured him in all of his devil-may-care hipsterness, topped off with orange-rimmed shades.



I had an insta-connection with Megan, who rocked a supercute hairdo and cowboy boots while we discussed art, music, and our 11-year-old kiddos.


Paloma and Suzanne

Paloma and Suzanne were not messing around – these girls knew how to dress properly for an outdoor fashion event. Flattering, well-designed dress? Check. Tailored jacket? Yup? Adorably teased and pinned hair? Mmm hmmm. Statement tights? But of course.

The third and final installment of our Urban Air Market street style series drops soon. Check back, y’all!


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