Urban Air Market, Part One

Last weekend I packed up my paints and headed to Hayes Valley for San Francisco’s own Urban Air Market, a mecca of creative local and sustainable design that transpires twice each year under the curatorial eye of the lovely Ms. Danielle Cohen.

I knew I’d find some irresistibly stylish inkvixens in this neck of the woods – well within the style radius of MAC/Bulo et al – and I thought I’d go ahead and capture the beauties with my watercolors and brush right there on the spot.

So I set up camp in the middle of the action at Hayes Green, snagging a sweet little sunshiny table from which to view the passersby as they traveled en route to this vendor booth or that.



First I spotted Uni across the way, catching the light with her sparkly yellow tights and her cherry red shoes, who serenaded the crowd with her ukelele.


Silver Lucy

Then Silver Lucy burst upon the scene in a graphic color blocked black and white coat of her own design, along with a printed red and black dress and a pair of classic white Wayfarer Ray Bans that all contributed to her White Stripes-y ensemble.



Nadia captivated me immediately with her unique look comprised of a pleated black maxi skirt, white stole, pair of Lennon frames, bright lips, and a tousled bun atop her head that all added up to a vintage bohemian glamour.



Across Hayes Street, multi-talented performer Karla made sweet music for the masses perched atop her globe, clad in a tailored golden jacket, boater hat, polka dotted dress, and sweet little china flats.


Peter and Sadie

And Peter and Sadie were easily the most fashionably complementary pair I laid eyes on that day. I spotted them while illustrating someone else, and was heartbroken when I thought I had lost them. Luckily, someone else noticed their artsy style as well and pointed them back in my direction. Such a pretty couple!

More Urban Air Market street style to come over the next few days, so stay tuned for the second and third installments on Inkbramble this week!

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