Hunt and Peck

It’s no secret that Mary Katrantzou is a big favorite here at Inkbramble. Over the past few seasons, I’ve compulsively illustrated the experimental young print master’s collections as soon as they hit the runways. (Take a look back at “Fishbowl” and “The Surreal World of Mary Katrantzou.”)

The reason for this compulsion is not just the vivid prints – though the eyepopping imagery fairly leaps off the page and is oh so delicious to illustrate – but also the shape of these dresses, with volume and structure that morph my inkvixens into bellissimo bell-shapes.

Katrantzou’s collection for Fall/Winter 2012 follows her core trompe l’oeil principles, focusing on classic everyday tools such as spoons, pencils, rotary telephones, clotheshangers, and watches, while not abandoning her penchant for swirling flourishes. Her typo dress, illustrated below, offers a sort of steampunk nostalgia – and an intrinsic storyline – that was simply impossible not to illustrate.


Katrantzou’s Typo dress, F/W 2012

Adding to the treasure trove of structure and print this season is also a notable focus on texture. I was delighted to see Katrantzou’s prints adorning a number of sweater dresses; and a highly desirable rust bubble sweater, left unadorned, stood out as a fresh complement to Katrantzou’s corner on the print market.

Apparently I’m not the only illustrator who is obsessed with Mary’s work. The Mary Katrantzou team is currently holding an illustration contest on its Facebook page, the winner of which will be invited to Katrantzou’s SS13 show coming up in September in London. Of course I’ve submitted my take on the typo dress above, so wish me lots of luck, Inkbramblers!



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