Welcome to InkBramble!

We are so delighted to introduce INKBRAMBLE, an illustrated online magazine that encompasses various realms of culture including fashion, art, music, theater, and film. Welcome to this tangled world of aesthetic pleasure! We promise that our bramble will yield delicious visual fruits that will sweetly stain your fingers and your soul with their ink…protected by just a few thorns to keep you on your toes.

I decided to undertake the project of sculpting my humble little blog into a more ambitious magazine format in order to be able to showcase the variety of cultural inspirations that seize me and the artwork that stems from those. I also wanted to create a vehicle by which I could more easily feature and collaborate with other artists, musicians, designers, performers, writers and fashionistas. I am so profoundly lucky to have such a huge number of exquisitely talented friends and acquaintances, and I am very excited to begin regularly featuring these creative stars and their work via interviews and illustrated portraits. I also look forward to welcoming guest writers and artists aboard on occasion.

INKBRAMBLE is comprised of three main sections. The first, Fashion & Style, will feature reports on collections straight off the runway, pinpointing the most compelling trends, collections and designers each season. We aim to tell the story of these collections by honing in on the inspiration of the designer and the cultural references present in the pieces. We will also regularly feature local designers and boutiques, illustrated reports on street style in Eyecaught, and musings on the nature of beauty itself.

The second section, Music & Arts, is bound to be even more diverse in its offerings. Inspiration can come from so many sources – books, music, film, theater, dance, and visual art. We aim to visually record what we can of this endless blossoming of culture, featuring those artists whose work is most relevant and touches us deepest.

The third section, Sketchbook, will provide a glimpse into the artistic process. We will regularly share quick sketches and studies that may or may not lead to larger, more complete works. Every so often these little nothings can possess a lucky stroke of the pen or a poignant expression that trumps the finished painting.

We also have introduced a gallery section with a variety of recent and past illustrations.

I am so happy to complete this phase of infrastructure-building, and am ready to get back to producing content! We’ll be updating often, so check back regularly and sign up for our RSS Feed and Email Updates options. And most importantly, spread the word! Our aim is to make INKBRAMBLE a full-time endeavor rather than (or perhaps in addition to) a nighttime obsession. Increasing our readership is key to achieving this goal.  We’ve made it very easy for you to share each and every article that strikes your fancy through Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon–so please use these options to let your network know about us.

Thank you so much for visiting our new magazine! INKBRAMBLE loves you!

Naomi Alessandra

2 Responses to “Welcome to InkBramble!”
  1. Ron Schultz says:

    Hi Naomi, I have been visiting your new site quite often these last few days. I am really impressed with your project and am really blown away by the spectacular and varied content that you have included. It is obvious that you have been very busy. I will continue to visit you here and will be sure to spread the word about your efforts among my friends here in Bend.
    I love you,
    Ron S.- Bend, OR

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for your support and love, Daddy! I really appreciate it. I miss you and can’t wait to spend somet time together soon. I’ll give you a call this weekend.



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