Lilting Lael

Last month, I had the opportunity to paint folk singer Nathan Moore live in concert at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, thanks to the efforts of concert producer Greg Keidan. Nathan is a particular favorite of mine, so this was a great honor. It was also a relatively new experience for me in that, with the exception of sketching at a few fashion events, I usually paint in the privacy of my own studio. You’ll see the finished version of the resulting painting of Nathan soon. A delightful bonus for me was the opening act, comprised of Lael Neale, an up-and-coming Bay Area singer/songwriter, along with Trevor Garrod and Reed Mathis of Tea Leaf Green, with Cochrane McMillan on drums.


Lael Neale, Reed Mathis, Trevor Garrod and Cochrane MacMillan at Ashkenaz, 2010

When I heard that Lael would be opening the show, my anticipation for the evening grew. The California-based, Virginia-raised songstress possesses the voice and the appearance of an angel, and I knew she would be fun to paint. She and her talented companions didn’t let us down. They provided a beautiful, energy-building opening for Nathan, and I contentedly danced along, splashing paint around while I filled in the rough strokes that would eventually make up this painting.

3 Responses to “Lilting Lael”
  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for capturing the beauty of that evening, and for adding to it with your presence.

  2. pdub says:

    is that Lenin on drums?

  3. Naomi says:

    Cochrane has much more hair on his head than Lenin, Peter. And he’s a better drummer!

    Thanks to YOU, Greg–such a great evening that was!

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