Konichiwa Robyn!

RobynI’ve developed a mad crush on the saucy Swedish electro-Europop star Robyn, whose tracks are regularly inspiring spontaneous one-woman dance parties across the floor of my living room–and presumably, in living rooms across the world. Robyn’s got this vibrant talent and a drive that just won’t quit. She also possesses this sweetly peculiar elfin appearance that turns all the pop star stereotypes on their heads. How can someone be so adorably quirky and so wickedly tough at the same time? Swoon…

She’s been at this popscene for over fourteen years now, buying herself out of her global contract in 2002 in order to start her own record company, Konichiwa Records. Following the success of 2005’s Robyn, she set about releasing a trilogy of albums this year, Body Talk, the second installment of which was released last month as Body Talk Part II. It’s a kick-ass collection of fun, bringing on the sort of spine-tingling revelations of physical joy that only the best dance music can.

Collaborating with artists as varied as Royksopp, the Knife, and Snoop Dogg, Robyn produces epic pop masterpieces like “Hang with Me” (BT Part II) and “Dancing on My Own” (BT Part I) alongside experimental cult oddities like “Konichiwa B*****s” (Robyn, 2005) and “Don’t F*****g Tell Me What to Do” (BT Part I). Her refreshing appeal lies in her willingness to unapologetically step into the tried-and-true dance pop footsteps laid by Madonna, Kylie, et al, without ever dismissing her own unconventional sensibility. She embraces the music of the masses without losing her individual edge, an approach that lifts pop music to new heights and brings a semi-skeptic such as myself up on my toes, ponystepping and shaking it all around the room, completely at ease in my guilty pop pleasure.

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  1. dood says:

    From Bejing to Bangkok……KBees that one really hits it…….better than the rest……

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